The currency of payment: American Dollars and Euros.

1. Quantity limit of order, prices, and payment:

1.0 Quantity Limit

As of 03/15/2017 we have a module for the monthly order quantity limit in our Ancestralshop Online store. The maximum current straight the value of the monthly orders and, therefore, the residual value of the monthly orders, during an active order process. The value of the remaining orders is updated after the successful completion of an active ordering process.

By exceeding the monthly residual value of all orders during the same month, a notice clearly visible, that an active order transaction can not be completed without correction or below the rest orders. At the beginning of the following month, the current total or maximum residual value has been set.

1.1 The prices indicated by the seller are definitive and include all components of the price. If applicable, the additional shipping and customs fees are then informed of your purchase via email depending on the country where you are, such as Mexico or any country in South America. In your case it does not affect any tariff payment within the United States of America, Canada or any other country within the European Union.

1.2 It is important that you mention what country you are writing to expedite delivery. For deliveries within Mexico, South America, U.S. or any EU EU country the following payment options are offered to the seller as indicated in the corresponding product description in the tender that is required:

  • Payment by bank transfer National Mexican and International
  • International bank transfer for private and retail customers within the European Union throughSEPA in Spain and Germany.
  • International bank transfer for private and retail clients in third countries (outside the EU)
  • Payment by Paypal – only possible with Paypal account
  • Payment by credit card through Paypal – possible without Paypal account
  • Payment by direct debit through Paypal – possible without Paypal account
  • Pay by Paypal money request via our PayPal address (for customer and private)
  • Payment by Express Paypal
  • Know Direct debit (except outside Germany)

1.3 Bank transfer is selected as pre-payment (pre-payment of ordered goods), so the advance payment is due at the beginning of the manufacture of the ordered items.

1.4 If payment is agreed in advance, payment must be received no later than 1 calendar week after the mailing list has been sent. The shopping lists are always sent by email. Exceptions require separate consultation and written agreement.

1.5 If the collection informs the customer of the buyer’s first email that the products ordered are available for collection. After receiving this email, the buyer can pick up the goods after arrangement with the seller. In this case, no shipping cost will be charged.

1.6 The client shall only have the right to have the counterclaim indisputable, legally established or recognized by the seller.

1.7 The amount of the national order is added, a surcharge of US $ 5.00 to a net order value of less than US $ 15.00. Second Delivery and shipping terms

2.1 The delivery of goods is carried out regularly in the shipping routes and in the delivery address of the customer. During the completion of the transaction, as defined in the purchase of the supplier’s delivery address is relevant. However: if you select the PayPal payment by the customer was provided by the PayPal delivery address is relevant.

2.2 It is not a delivery to the customers the contracted delivery company returned the merchandise to the seller, and the customer has to bear the cost of the failed delivery. This does not apply if the client was temporarily prevented from adopting the offered service, unless the seller a reasonable time that its operation had previously announced or when the client hereby exercises its right of withdrawal.

Third Delivery

3.1 Depending on the size of your order will be sent by the mail order service of our choice. Shipping usually secured by DHL, UPS, FEDEX or any other courier with the same professionalism.

3.2 We ship to Mexico, U.S. Canada, South American countries and any other European Union or other countries mentioned.

If you wish to receive any of the above mentioned countries, then please send us an email (e-mail address) and tell us the item with the country’s shipping quantity and address and the corresponding zip code.

We will promptly notify you of the purchase to ship in the requested country and you can notify the shipment as we can and the shipping cost in advance must be obtained from our shipping partner.

3.3 Supplies of Islands

You can ask by email:

4.Shipping costs

Shipping costs depend on the goods and the weight of the packaging. In addition, shipping costs vary by shipping areas, such as shipping and delivery in Germany and in EU countries is exempt from customs duties. Shipping details can be found in the ordering process, but prior to the completion of your order making payments.

5. Delivery time

5.1 The delivery time of the guests of the group of customers and the new customers of the group is clearly shown on the Ancestralshop home page and is indicated on each individual product.

There is no notification on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. If an item within the specified delivery time can not be delivered and the delivery time has to be extended, separately marked on the product page or a written notice from the seller’s Emal. During a delivery period if the Ancestralshop factory is closed in India and Nepal, or any factory of our suppliers, so delivery times are the duration of service. Add to vacation.

5.2 Delivery time for retailers is 3 months. Separate delivery times must be agreed in writing. The agreed delivery time can not be fulfilled, the seller, the manufacturer of the products,

An extension of the delivery period of 4 calendar weeks to be granted. During a delivery period are closing the Ancestralshop factory, so delivery times are the length of service adds to vacation.

5.3 Shipment duration in EU countries outside Germany is at least 3 days or up to 28 days (depending on the distance of freight travel).

Shipping time in countries outside the EU is approximately 14 days or up to 6 weeks (eg standard
shipping to the United States of America, Mexico or South America). This depends on the choice Shipping, such as transport and air or sea freight. Deliveries to neighboring countries outside the EU, such as Switzerland, have a Shipping Duration of approximately 8 days

6. Others

6.1 If one of these is not equal access to the request for any reason, then the validity of the remaining provisions will not be affected.

6.2 Customer service, even if notified, will only apply if and to the extent that the seller has expressly confirmed in writing.

6.3 The export of goods is subject to approval and is subject to the Foreign Trade Law of Germany and India.

6.4 In connection with the business relationship, personal data are processed in accordance with the legal provisions of the seller.

6.5 Additional or special requirements or agreements relating to a retailer, in an individual case and separately notified in writing by agreement, or agreed and negotiated.

6.6 Orders and therefore contracts outside our online store system, both in writing and by telephone orders are not possible and remain unprocessed, except for our partners as students or a special client.

6.7 During the holiday of the Ancestralshop store it will be allowed and possible to carry out an ordering procedure, but the delivery time during the holiday is then the additional holiday time.

7. Retailer Information:

7.1 Payment agreement for retailers:

The payment of an order from a retailer in advance by bank transfer or by Sepa Direct Debit (only after receiving the respective mandate of Sepa Direct Debit as original document for The buyer’s bank and a copy to the seller). The advance purchase list will be created and sent by email, when the manufacture of the goods begins. After receiving payment, The goods will be shipped within three to fourteen business days to the buyer, depending on the order quantity.

7.2 A precondition for a common sale of Ancestral Sound Products products is the presentation in a catalog, in a store, as well as in an online store, to be clearly visible marked as Ancestral Sounds Products, to avoid any misinterpretation of a private client.

8. Customs duties in third countries:

Customs duties are generally payable in taxable countries. Customs duties have to be paid by the customer. The prices of the products do not include customs duties.

It will be paid separately in the countries subject to taxes with delivery of packages by a courier or postman.

9. VAT:

Unit prices in our online shop for private customers within the EU include 19% VAT. Deliveries to retailers in the sense of an intra-Community supply in the EU are exempt from TINA.

Deliveries outside the EU to a third country will have to pay customs duties depending on the country and the VAT specific for each country in a third country and according to the specifications of each country is borne by the customer.

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