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The Sansula belongs to the family of the Kalimba and can be played just as easily as a normal Kalimba. The instrument features the patented suspended mounting of the resonating block is a proprietary development of our company.

Dimensions: 198 x 155 x 67 mm

Since its introduction in 2001, the Sansula has developed very quickly became a bestseller and found thousands of friends at home and abroad. What makes the Sansula is her indescribable sound.

As robust alternative we offer our model Sansula Deluxe.

The sound block in the membrane ensures a long-lasting, soft clay, which is to produce with ease.

Moreover, you may get more impressive “Wah-Wah” by opening and closing the bottom of the frame.

The mood – an A-minor sound with additional H and F – can almost occur all by itself by plucking with thumbs beautiful melodies. As all the notes always sound harmonically, beginners also enjoy immediate success.

Work Mood: A minor (can be changed): 

a’, c”, c ‘, a’, a, f ‘, e’, e”, h ‘

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