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Meinl Cymbal Cleaer (250 ml)

Meinl Cymbal Protectant (250 ml)

Meinl Cymbal Handling Gloves


Not affecting the sound

Easy-to-use spray

Made in Germany

NET Weight: 680 g / 23.99 oz

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Product Description


Make your old cymbals, gongs and tam tams look new again with Meinl’s Cymbal Restoration Kit. It includes genuine Meinl Cymbal Cleaner or Polish which are especially formulated for cleaning cymbals and Meinl Cymbal Protectant for sealing the newly cleaned cymbal. The protectant will dramatically increase the time between cleanings.


The Meinl Cymbal Cleaner is a premium concentrated liquid cleaner. It is designed for regular and brilliant finish cymbals. Simply spray on the surface and then wipe it off, to restore the cymbals’ original shine.


Maintain a lasting, lustrous shine on your cymbals with the MEINL Cymbal Protectant. Apply this easy-to-use spray evenly on traditional and brilliant finish cymbals after cleaning with the MEINL Cymbal Cleaner or Polish to shield them from discoloration caused by dirt, dust and fingerprints without affecting the sound.


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