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Its low weight is a great timbre can earn. The new handle shape makes this small Mallet very good in the hand. Also great with a second to play as a “couple”. The soft inner life one elicits great sounds and vibrations even when singing bowls. When playing bowls is the long handle very beneficial.

Good for gongs ø from 40 cm to 2 m and bowls from 700g



This two-sided usable Mallet is suitable for recording of gongs and singing bowls. Another new feature is the white felt ball on the butt end of the professional Gong Mallet PGM-m70. A great advantage of this ball is that you have the opportunity to earn very nice bright tones of your Gong. Simultaneously, the felt ball is also wonderful to play on bowls.

All olli hess ™ mallets are made in Germany in a loving hand.


Technical specifications:

Weight: 100 g
Handle ø: about 12 mm
Handle length: ca. 39 cm
Head ø: about 5 cm.
Material: Beech biologically waxed / Fleece
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