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With the Kalimba Klassik all began. At that time our only product was simply called Kalimba. However, we offer a range of models today, we have the classic among our Kalimbas easy Kalimba Klassik called.

Dimensions: 178 x 149 x 55 mm

Like all Kalimbas from the house HOKEMA can be played instantly and easily, the model Classic. By plucking the tines with the thumbs, you can easily make produce melodies and varied creative.

The nine-tone tongue set is tuned to an A minor pentatonic scale. As all the notes harmonize with each other, beginners also enjoy immediate success.

Working atmosphere (can be changed):

d”, a’, e ‘, c’, a, d g ‘, c”, e’’

The body is made of solid cherry wood has on the back two finger holes, that are used to produce a vibrato effect.

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