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All Monolina’s include:      –

–  34 strings tuned to: 24 base note +5 octave deeper of base note, + 5 fifth of base note

– 5 bridges

– 2 percussion sticks

– template that allows you to tune the bridges to a minor or  scale

– tuner & tuning key

– some replacement strings



The Mono Lina is a body monochord with 34 strings, there are 4 different moods, which are very beautiful together playable, best fit the F and C and D and A together. The Mono Lina can (backing tracks) are played as a meditative tool to add Nyancen of tunes it has 5 tabs that can be tuned using a template on a major or a minor pentatonic scale. The Mono Lina, however, can also be placed for sound massage on the body. The curved shape allows to adapt to different body shapes. In another movie on our YouTube Channel is seen as the Mono Lina can also be played with percussive sticks. This film is also shown how the riders can be continuously adjusted.

Including tuning key, spare strings, sticks, tuner, 5 riders and pentatonic major / minor Template

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