Visually, the new model is distinguished by a rounded wooden edge on top of the instrument.



The Sansula Renaissance was developed to combine the advantages of the previous models in one.

Dimensions: 198 x 155 x 67 mm

The “Renaissance” is provided with a membrane of the Drumhead REMO (USA). Doing so will be affected by moisture and retains so when the humidity changes its voltage and thus also their beautiful sound at.

In addition, the new membrane is now much more stable. The “Renaissance” can now also be used in kindergartens, without a too slight damage is to be feared.

But the most important is that the Renaissance Sansula the  indescribable sound characteristics  inherited the Sansula model.

The atmosphere – a A minor sound with additional H and F – would almost occur all by itself by plucking with thumbs beautiful melodies.

Working atmosphere (can be changed): 

a’, c”, c ‘, a’, a, f ‘, e’, e”, h ‘

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