Ancestral Shop is the official store of the Sound Therapy institution.

The IES has its beginnings in 2007 through the work of professional musician, sound therapist, music teacher and Kundalini Yoga teacher, Ramji Singh.
The extraordinary results obtained over years of working and studying sound healing properties, working with foundations, hospitals and clinics; inspired him to take this effort to an institutional and academic level working on a professional and well-educated protocol to create the Institution IES.
With honesty, professionalism, dedication, and discipline the IES has trained more than 300 students in its seven years of foundation. Since then, work for academic, institutional and material development has been a constant commitment.

The Institute is dedicated to the development of sound and music aimed at promoting health, deep relaxation and peace of mind through Kundalini Yoga. The experience is a personal and creative process, the intention is a orientated towards personal growth awareness and wellbeing of participants.

We impart Training courses in this therapeutic craft that focus on performing health work with the creative aspects of Tibetan Bowls, Planetary Gongs, Monochords Tuning, Handpan, Harmonic Singing and Chanting Mantras from India. These components generate an acoustic sound with a vibrational frequency determined by the therapist.

The experience leads one to feel a sense of harmony within oneself, allowing you to enter a state of deep relaxation of body, mind and spirit.

We invite you to visit our web page and discover our latest projects such as seminars, workshops, therapies and musical performances carried out by professional sound therapists.

Ramji Singh
CEO / Founder

I am Ramji Singh, founder of the IES.